Madonna di Campiglio - Herfst Magie
TRAVEL · 29 October 2021
In search for Autumn magic in the Madonna di Campiglio region. (Dutch blog)

TRAVEL · 26 February 2018
In all my enthusiasm I immediately said YES when the Tunisian Tourist Office invited me for a press trip through their country. I couldn’t predict that Tunisia would impress me this much and would get me out of my comfort zone when it comes to photography.

TRAVEL · 13 January 2018
For the last two days of this trip we're moving to Matrei which is a small place nearby. In the preparations before this trip I pinned down two locations in my Google Maps app which I want to visit if the circumstances let me.

TRAVEL · 11 January 2018
Together with a great group of social influencers I was invited for a press trip to the Defereggental in East-Tyrol on the 11th till 14th of January 2018. A part of Tyrol which still holds its authenticity and overwhelmed me with its beauty.